DOOM VFR Is Now Available; Experience Hell Like Never Before… With a Shotgun

DOOM Returns with a More Visceral Experience

At long last, the fast-paced fps by id Software, the legendary pioneers of gaming, is available for virtual reality systems. Play DOOM VFR, at long last. This marks one small step for game, one giant leap for gaming…into hell. Experience hell like never before if you own PSVR or the HTC Vive.

DOOM Cyberdemon Top Screen

As everyone should already know, the game is set in the Martian research facility beset by demons. Everyone is dead, and you will keep dying unless you git gud. With DOOM’s fast-paced gameplay now available in VR, you will feel like a badass, like a true demon killer, and you will most certainly feel dizzy. You’re always free to check out our review of the original DOOM. It may be worth comparing the two experience.

If you missed PlayStation’s Black Friday deals, that’s unfortunate, because their list of deals included great discounts on PSVR bundles. That said, DOOM VFR is currently bundled with PSVR at the standard price of $399.99 on Amazon. Next time, be sure to keep it locked for the latest deals and gaming updates. We’ll have more and more.

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SOURCE: Press release