Delve Into Some 18th-Century Intrigue With The Council

First Slice of Episodic Psychological Warfare Coming in February

If you’d rather win your battles with brains instead of bullets, perhaps The Council will be in your wheelhouse. This heaping helping of 18th-century intrigue and psychological warfare is heading to PC and consoles next year. George Washington is one of the characters, for some reason! What a ride.

The Council 18th century intrigue

This curious story starts all the way back in 1793, on a private island off the coast of England. You play a secret service member trying to solve the island’s many mysteries. One of which involves the disappearance of a family member! Each of the choices you make throughout the game is permanent and far-reaching, meaning any horrible mistakes you make in episode one will keep finding you in the finale.

All of your ‘combat’ is handled through something called a Social Influence system. Your victories and defeats are tied to this system, wherein you must manipulate, analyze and engender yourself to the island’s various visitors. Said visitors include Napoleon, Washington and your host, Lord Mortimer. Surely there’s other weirdos of great fame and import waiting to be revealed, as well. The first episode of The Council, the Mad Ones, is set for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in February of 2018. Meanwhile, check out the teaser trailer below!

SOURCE: Press Release