Brutal PlayStation Exclusive Days Gone Gets a Release Window and New Info

Days Gone Coming 2018

The PlayStation Experience is in full swing and is giving attendees a look at what’s to come in the coming year for gaming. Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida shed some light on a highly anticipated title called Days Gone. We now have a release window and some new details.

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Days Gone is definitively set to release in 2018. This is great news as it is the first time we’ve received any sort of announcement. With Sony’s propensity towards announcing games a little too early, many were wondering if this was going to be one of those 2019-2020 titles, but it’s good to hear that won’t be the case.

Yoshida also gave us a little sneak into his experience having played the title for a few hours now. According to Yoshida, it’s 100% playable from start to finish at this moment, with only a few tweaks needed here and there. Though it won’t be a demo-able game at this year’s Experience, it is good to know that the title, for the most part, is good to go!

Speaking to Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller at the PlayStation Experience 2017 opening celebration, Yoshida said both Bend Studio and Naughty Dog have been communicating to ensure that both games are unique from one another. “Because Last of Us already existed and Days Gone came later, there is a conversation between Bend team and Naughty Dog to make sure that the direction of these teams are going different enough,” said Yoshida.

Players excited for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive will just have to wait until we get a firm release date but a 2018 release has us pumped.