ATLUS Launches New JRPG ‘Alliance Alive’ Official Website/ NA Release Date

Latest JRPG from ATLUS, ‘Alliance Alive’ Gets Official Website/ NA Release Date

ATLUS, arguably one of the biggest names in JRPGs, has officially launched a website for their latest adventure – Alliance Alive – set to arrive exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. The website (seen here) offers insight into the games Story, World, Battle system, and much more – including the option for preorder. ATLUS has released the story trailer and character trailer for Alliance Alive so far, however alongside the launch of the official website they have also released a trailer showcasing the games daemonic characters, which you can see below:

In Alliance Alive, daemons had invaded the world of humans and conquered them, creating the Great Barrier between realms to keep them separated into five regions: the Rain Realm, Caged Realm, Burning Realm, Snow Realm, and Crystal Realm. With humanity decimated under the rule of the daemons, and the slow destruction caused in the wake of the Dark Current, a product of the Great Barrier, the time has come for humanity to unite against the daemons and fight for freedom.

Alliance Alive 1

ATLUS is a renowned developer for creating compelling, acclaimed, high quality video game experiences such as the Persona series, Megami Tensei, and the North American publication of Demon Souls. Alliance Alive was previously launched in Japan in June of this year and will see a North American release date on March 27th, 2018.

Source: Press Release