New, Juicy Details Emerge for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Switch

Collect Blades and Build the Ultimate Party

If you were hoping to learn more about the story and world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, here’s your next trailer. In it, we discover all the major characters you will meet, including enemies, allies, and some mystery personas. Looks like the game will present a large cast.

As we learn from the latest Nintendo Direct, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be as much a game about action as exploration and collecting. Throughout the world, players can collect blades and bond with them over time to develop abilities. This only happens through finding Core Crystals; each one summons a different ally to help in battle. Some examples of Blade abilities include opening up areas that were previously inaccessible or picking up more items. And as expected, some apply advantages in combat.

There are three types of blades, where combat is concerned: attackers, tanks, and healers. The ones you use will determine your class and your move set. You can carry three into battle, meaning you can be a jack-of-all-trades or a master at one. Whether it’s dishing out damage, absorbing it, or healing others. Moreover, each Blade you carry will grant three “Arts,” which means you’ll have a total of nine in combat. Even better, you can chain them for special combos.

Since the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be vast, there will be fast travel. By installing “landmarks” all over the world, the game encourages your exploration.Once you discover these special locations, you can fast travel to them at any time. Some of the hidden ones hold the best views. NPCs you find along the way will be hostile, docile, or attack if provoked.

Find Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for Nintendo Switch on December 1st, 2017. Check back for any last-minute details leading up to release.