Xbox One X Sells as Many Units as Nintendo Switch Did at Launch Month

That’s the Biggest Hardware Launch of 2017

Marking a big week in Microsoft’s career, new data has placed the new Xbox One X console beyond the stratosphere. Its first week of sales has pushed it to 80,000 shifted units in the UK alone.

Xbox One X console above

Sales numbers come courtesy of, who revealed that the first week of Xbox One X sales put Microsoft on par with Nintendo’s numbers in March.

Compared to the launch of PS4 Pro, Xbox One X beat Sony’s first week by a wide margin. Records say it took the PS4 Pro four weeks to match the same sales – In the month of November 2016, it just managed to break 50,000. The main difference worth mentioning is that the Switch and Pro faced shortages during their months of release.

Interestingly enough, it looks like the Project Scorpio Edition accounted for the majority of shifted units. People really wanted their unique hardware, which may explain how they flew off shelves so quickly.

In hindsight, Microsoft’s entire year has been building up to the launch of this console, with all the eyes of the industry paying special attention. Good to see the hype panned out. Now then, will Xbox One X maintain its momentum? Considering all the support we’ve seen so far, it’s unlikely the hype will die down soon. The top-selling Xbox One game during launch was Call of Duty WWII, with Assassin’s Creed Origins coming in second.

In related news, Blizzard just announced Xbox One X enhancements coming for Overwatch. Expect more news on 4K updates as time goes by.