Xbox One X Gets A Price Drop From Amazon UK For Black Friday

Very Small Price Drops Still Count, Damnit

Happy Black Friday weekend! If you happen to be living across the pond, Amazon UK has dropped the price for the Xbox One X for this weekend only. Of course, it’s a very small price drop, but those are still technically a savings, you guys.

Xbox One X Phil Spencer pushes Xbox One X

Right now you can grab an Xbox One X over at Amazon UK for £20 off the the usual price. Like I said, it’s not a large price drop by any means, but that’s still a little extra money that could be going towards some other cool stuff. Such as a new game for said Xbox One X. A little goes a long way, you know?

Microsoft had a nice, strong start with the Xbox One X in the UK, selling around 80,000 units in the first week. If you’re looking to join the elite ranks of the 4K gaming club, perhaps this weekend would be a good time? Once again, this slightly lower price will only be available for a very limited time with on Amazon’s UK site.