Warframe: Plains of Eidolon Launches next Week for PS4 & Xbox One

The Enviable Expansion Is Coming to Consoles

The definitive MMO experience is coming to console, thanks to the Digital Extremes team. Warframe: Plains of Eidolon debuts its new open-world design on November 14th, and whether you’re playing on the PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll get to witness a completely revamped the experience.

Warframe Eidolon

Plains of Eidolon was well-received by the PC community, with online player counts nearly doubling in size. Part of the appeal comes from the stunning new gameplay and world players can explore, and all at no extra cost. Waframe is still free-to-play. Meaning you’re to immerse yourself in the world solo or go co-op with up to a team of four. Then behold the beauty of lush lands, sky battles, and places to gather resources.

As revealed in past coverage, there is oh so much to do, a new settlement with its share of colorful NPCs, and huge boss in the form of Eidolon. Watch that day/night cycle, because this Spectral Sentient comes out every night to wreak havoc on the world. Level up and grab the best gear if you hope to take him down.

Additional key features include:

  • Debut of the Deadly Warrior: Witness the introduction of the 34th Warframe, Gara, who manipulates glass to fracture the resolve of her enemies.
  • New Weapons and Reinforcements: Gara wields a new arsenal of powerful weapons, including: Astilla that shoots slugs that explode on impact; Volnus, which deals a large amount of damage and can beat enemies to a pulp; and Fusilai, stealthy glass shurikens pierce through flesh and armor. Reinforcements include Argonak, the Grineer rifle uses an advanced laser sighting system and is deadly in both single fire and automatic modes; Krohkur, a hooked blade that reward critical hits to those skilled enough to strike with finesse, and the Dual Krohkur, which doubles the battlefield butchery.
  • Fashionista: Indulge your Fashion Frame sensibilities with the Virago Helmet and Gara’s new signature Hyalus Syandana.
  • Focus 2.0: Experience the reintroduction of the Operator-Warrior Focus Rework 2.0. This new system changes the Skill Tree to be more combat-focused, enabling you to equip your Operator with distinct Weapons and Armor found deep in the Caves of the Plains.
  • And More! Misc updates include the Mag Deluxe Skin, Deluxe Tonfa, and Deluxe Syandana, resource, decoration and weapon collecting and ‘Stone Fish’ collecting, and more Mods and Stances.

For more info, you can visit www.warframe.com. Download for PC or wait until November 14th to get your version for Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

SOURCE: Press Release