Truberbrook Might Be The Prettiest Kickstarter Project You’ve Ever Seen

Holy Hell Those Are In-Engine Screenshots

Okay, hear me out. I know we cover a lot of crowdfunded projects on this site, enough that they may start to blend together into a single amorphous blob of open palms and concept art. However, Truberbrook might seriously be the prettiestKickstarter project yet.


The images inclu─Ćed in this article are pre-alpha, in-engine shots. How, you may be asking yourself while taking off your glasses in astonishment, even if you don’t wear glasses. Rather than use any CG trickery to get that hand-crafted look, the development team just made all of the models by hand. Yes, really. With glue and fabric and everything.

The aforementioned Kickstarter went live earlier this morning. Presumably they need the money for treating the terrible muscle strain that comes from making so many gorgeous sets. Or they need it to actually finish making the game. Set in a tiny german town in the 1960’s, a young American scientist stumbles on a mystery with some far-reaching implications. Maybe some world-saving will occur?

SOURCE: Press Release