Star Citizen is Making You Quickly Forget About No Man’s Sky With New Video

Star Citizen: ATV Anniversary Special – Anvil Aerospace & Hawk Reveal

From the mind of Chris Roberts, acclaimed creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, comes Star Citizen. The 100% crowd funded game aims to create a living, breathing science fiction universe with unparalleled immersion and everyone is invited to follow every step of development. More than a space combat sim, more than a first-person shooter and more than an MMO: Star Citizen is the First Person Universe that will allow for unlimited gameplay. Recently, Cloud Imperium Games released a new video of its upcoming space simulator Star Citizen.

Star Citizen

This new extensive video is dedicated to a brand new ship, the Anvil Aerospace Hawk. The Hawk is the perfect ship for bounty hunters, so the video also gives some attention to that activity that will be implemented among players in game, with mechanics like taking criminals alive and bringing them in to be imprisoned, alongside the ability for the criminals themselves to serve their time in some way, or to attempt a jailbreak.

On top of the hawk, we get updates on more Anvil ships, including the Terrapin, the Carrack, and the Hurricane. As usual for new ships, the Anvil Hawk is currently on sale, starting at $80. Sure that seems pricey BUT keep in mind that ship purchases are simply for the purpose of supporting development, and are completely optional. All ships will be available for in-game credits once the game launches.

On top of this, the release to all backers of alpha 3.0 is now one step closer, with multiple waves of users having been invited to test it on the public testing universe.

It remains truly is amazing to see how far the game has come along. It looks absolutely stunning and is turning into the game No Man’s Sky should have been.

What do you think about the game so far? Is this on your radar? Tell us in the comments below.


  • Thylbanus

    Gee. You don’t say.

    “No Man’s Sky” was trying to be Star Citizen, so it makes sense that Star Citizen is being the game that it was intended to be.

    • Andres H Beriguete

      you’re way off on that, NMS was never trying to be SC. They don’t look the same nor play the same, the only thing they have in common is space.

      • Thylbanus

        No, but they are. Looks aren’t the only indication. Sure NMS was stylized, but the essence of the game remained quite similar to Star Citizen. Just as it is similar to Elite: Dangerous. NMS tried to grasp for the same brass ring and failed in the attempt.

        If you don’t feel that was the case, please read all the old NMS news coverage comment sections. There were many that claimed that NMS would steal Star Citizen’s thunder and possibly even cause it to collapse. I’m not saying that Star Citizen will be the best game ever, but I believe it will change gaming in a very fundamental way, forever.

    • voodoochild1975

      NYX!! Haven’t seen you around for a while, howz things? Did you get into Wave 1?

      • Thylbanus

        Sorry for the VERY late response, but yea, I’m in the Evocati.

  • Tufao

    Nice piece of propaganda. This project is more like a sort of reality show where it needs a never ending development to be sustained, kept alive for as long as possible to milk fools. If you paid hoping they will complete the things they say that are going to make, you are incredibly fool. NMS is a lot superior than this 6y-165m dollars show, which is sad, for SC, because NMS never intended to be. Even space games of the 90’s are. Even the obes made by Roberts when he was under control, from that decade, are superior.
    Its unfair to this project to be compared with actual games. You shpuld compare it with other reality shows instead and how they fight to keep some audience.
    Meanwhile, game industry is fine thanks, not needing amy savior, specially con artists like the man behind this one.

    • Yo Homie

      Lol, you’re the piece of propaganda. Did you only read the title, and then feel the urge to comment with your obscenity? You compare SC to NMS to gloat about NMS, then the very next sentence you say they shouldn’t be compared. And then you go on to compare SC to something completely unrelated. Your comment is bad and you bring shame to the Tufao family.

      • Dragon75

        This guy is infamous for hating on the game and probably the most well known troll.
        He is a former backer who has been hating on the game for years and the reason from what I understand is that he didnt get his way on something about the game.

        • Yo Homie

          Oh my. Lol. Thanks for the heads up.

          • Dragon75

            He is also known under the names manez and JCRG99 as well as numerous others, and has been going on like this for years on pretty much every article he can find.
            You can often find his comments literally copy/pasted from one article to another.

        • voodoochild1975

          Ahhh that explains… he had a temper tantrum years back, rage quit… and now spews bullshit about it.

          I get it… probably stings to see it actually succeeding.

      • T_0_m

        Exactly what did the guy say which was incorrect?

        Nevermind the comparison with NMS, he accuses the article of being propaganda. Which by any definition, it is.

        IMO SC is first and foremost a marketing machine with a big art department, selling dreams and Jpegs. It just happens to also be trying to make a game, which they clearly can’t do. Even if they can make it, there will be no version of the game which meets all the over-hyped expectations. Their only option is to keep the game in development forever, always with the promise that the next patch will bring the gameplay everyone expected. That way they can keep making money from Jpeg sales indefinitely – milking even more money from the same pool of backers.

        • Ken

          You’re right, they’re not meeting the expectations of the backers. They’re exceeding them. The backers who’ve tried 3.0 are loving it.

          • T_0_m

            Only because they’ve spent thousands of dollars on this joke and this is the first content update they’ve had in a year.

            They’re not exceeding anyone’s expectations, quite simply because these were the original expectations:

            Maybe do some research and perhaps watch some live streams of people getting stuck in their ships / stuck in mobi glass animation loops / stuck on ladders etc. It’s hilarious.

          • Ken

            You don’t know what “alpha” means, do you? Why don’t YOU do some research?

          • T_0_m

            and your point is?

          • Alex Stambaugh

            So what I see here is a bunch of people arguing about a game that’s not fully released yet. How ’bout this, we stop bickering and wait and see. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars if you don’t want to. If you do, that’s fine, as well (your money). Just wait until the game is fully released. Personally, I’ve invested the bare minimum + a little extra. I’ll play 3.0 when it’s released live, and make my judgements then.

          • voodoochild1975

            I’m playing 3.0 now and have made my judgement. Love it.

          • Ken

            Alphas have bugs. Serious bugs. So, anyone complaining about bugs being in an alpha has a fundamental lack of understanding of what they are talking about. Your opinion isn’t worth the pixels it’s displayed on.

          • voodoochild1975

            His point is you don’t know your #!@ from a hole in the ground but presume to ‘educate’ us.

          • Joe Blobers

            So you mean a game in Alpha, under current test phase through a selected numbers of Backers have bugs? This is incredible…

            Remember, 3.0 was not even supposed to be ever released according to a few, Jpegs… we can walk in and fly from station to moon.
            Beta is in a year and half at worst which give 6 quarters to fix doors not opening. Do you think they can do it? 🙂

            Delta patcher is key to allow regular patch. No more need to download 30 Go and this is a changer.

          • T_0_m

            “So you mean a game in Alpha”

            It’s not in alpha see:

            “have bugs? This is incredible.”

            Name any other game which has early release which contains frequent and obvious game breaking bugs. And no, I don’t accept Goat Simulator as an example.

            “Remember, 3.0 was not even supposed to be ever released according to a few”

            Who? Links please?

            “we can walk in and fly from station to moon”

            Play NMS instead.

            “Beta is in a year and half at worst”

            Seems unlikely at the current pace, but ok, it’s your money.

            “which give 6 quarters to fix doors not opening. Do you think they can do it? :)”


            “Delta patcher is key to allow regular patch. No more need to download 30 Go and this is a changer.”

            You mean the mechanism of receiving game updates which EVERY OTHER GAME has?? You think CIG have done something revolutionary here?

          • Joe Blobers

            You should relax man… 🙂 Keep comparing NMS to ST at your leisure. SC is not released, not either in Beta so find all definition of Alpha you want… The current experience is an Alpha experience. Don’t like to get in such state? Easy, stay away and enjoy your life 🙂

          • voodoochild1975

            OHHH LOOK He found a wiki link that he thinks makes him an expert on Agile development…

            Buddy, I’ve likely been coding since before you born.

            This is alpha.

            There are no estimates on a beta time frame, and I actually disagree with the person you are quoting. 1.5 years is THEIR guess… not CIG’s (they’ve said nothing about beta timeline),and not my guess either.

            Delta patcher might be common practice, but it still had to be developed and implemented. It has been with this update in 3.0 and is a key step, but I agree nothing to brag about. Still, nice to have.

          • voodoochild1975

            It is hilarious, and those bugs are very real.

            I’m in the Wave 1 PTU test. I’ve more than researched, I’ve been playing the heck (lol… g rated language filter here) out of it since Thanksgiving… 20 hours so far?


            That’s why it’s a small group of testers in right now, not everyone. We’re testing. Running down bugs and cleaning it up. We’ve had one patch already with another due today. The last made a noticible difference in performance and stability.

            Which is exactly why we are testing now… to get it ready for wider release.

            So you have yoru 3rd hand ‘research’ and I have my 1st hand experience… so… I think you’re talking out your #!@$% (holy cow are these language filters stupid) to be blunt. I assure you, I know more about it’s current state than you do, why it’s in that state, and what our purpose of testing it in this state is.

            I had a great bug where I put some armor on… and my body disappeared, I turned into a blue ball. Was stuck, could exit, log back in and same problem… patch didn’t fix it… was working on it in our issue council (the testing is somewhat organized even though we are all unpaid volunteers) and actually stumbled into a fix/workaround. Point is, we are supposed to be actively engaged in bug reports etc.

            That’s literally the point of our early access right now. Those bugs are what we are there for. If you saw a video where someone was moaning and complaining about bugs… they honestly shouldn’t be in early PTU and have completely misunderstood their role in testing at this time.

            Dealing with the bugs you’ve seen isn’t a hassle for me there… it’s _WHY_ I’m there. Sorry if you and some video guys didn’t get that memo.

            This is why it isn’t open to all backers yet… it still needs work for full release. But it’s improving at a good clip.

          • Mrl

            Oh 3.0 is out? How much novel gameplay is that? 20 mins?

          • Ken

            It’s on the PTU, which is why I said “the backers who’ve tried” it. And if it was only 30 minutes of novel gameplay, those playing it wouldn’t be coming back with glowing reactions.

          • Mrl

            Yes I know. Suppose sarcasm doesn’t come across in text.

          • voodoochild1975

            20 hours in and can’t wait to get home to log in, meet up with a buddy and carry on

            I’m having a great time

          • voodoochild1975

            lol 4th try… I can NOT reply to this post because of sunday school level language filters…

            3.0 isn’t ‘out’… at least not on live… it’s a restricted test environment. A few thousand backers have access on the test servers at this time (referred to as ‘Wave 1’)

            How much novel gameplay? Hmmm hard to say… I’ve logged a good 20 or so hours since Thursday and am still enjoying the HECK out of it (really, THAT is a language problem?!? That word is allowed on network TV…. and let’s not even talk about how our ‘president’ speaks…).

            To be honest, it’s buggy as HECK (again… lol) right, crashes often… but this is _ALPHA_ 3.0, and I am not actually ‘playing’, I’m part of a test group and testing (which is a lot of fun). Since Thursday they’ve already released one small patch that made huge improvements to performance and server stability… another is due today, might already be out.

            It’s fun and getting better almost daily right now, and there is soooooo much in 3.0 it’s going to be a long time for me to get bored with it.

            Yep, that got it… the ol’ H E double hockey sticks is verboten here… lol wow

          • voodoochild1975

            Trying again with cleaner language… didn’t realize this was a PG rated place…

            I am in 3.0 and I freakin’ love it

    • Joe Blobers

      And here we go… Tufao… 5 years of never ending hate after being banned by CIG for being toxic over the team.

      SC, waporware, con, Jpges that will never be released, collapse in 2015… then 2016.. then… well we know the story.
      Backers do not care about game industry, they care about this project because this is their project, not a publishers copy/paste with new skin year after year.
      It is coming, like it or not 🙂

      • Tufao

        Never said would collapse in 2015/16 or whatever. This was other person who said that believed based in the data of the moment. Me… I predicted that would persist for longer, but without good results and only becoming worst in terms of image of the company, image of the community and game deliveries. I hit ALL the targets and you won’t publicly admit, but you know that!
        The game is a continuous flop. The prove is that they have to make the sale of 900$ JPEG to survive, to keep the monthly average of revenue, and for that, are oblitage to promote more lies and impossible things, pretending demos as “in-game” and adding more JPEG ideas to attract the few who still pay for it to buy them all. They are sustaining just a show. The game-as-promised won’t be even 5% ready in less than 5 years yet.

        Good wait! Buy an Idris.

        • Joe Blobers

          QUote:”he game-as-promised won’t be even 5% ready in less than 5 years yet.”

          Tufao/Manze and logic versus reality 🙂

          3.0 and his “seamless from space to planet decades away”… under heavy testing right now in 2017 before release to PU.

          You sound desperate Tufao. You problem is you are looking at the tip of the iceberg and your brain refuse to compute that the 90% of the iceberg IS real… man this is sad.

    • voodoochild1975

      For a con artist, he certainly sucks at his job… hemmoraging cash going into development that anyone can see happening before their eyes. Keep to your delusion if you want, I certainly don’t want or need to see you in the game.

      Me? I’m having a BLAST playing Alpha 3.0 on the PTU

      So you can think what you want about scams, but I’m already enjoying the product I paid for… so… shrug… I don’t know what to say.

      I would ask if you don’t like the project, all you have to do is simply not back it. Probably best idea for you. There is no need to spread lies and bullshit though because of some ax you have to grind.

      Don’t know what your beef is, but I’m a backer, I’m in the test group for 3.0 (wave 1) and freakin’ loving it man. It’s ALREADY a better game than NMS, in alpha 3.0

      See, the idea of a con is make promises, take money, pocket money, don’t deliver.

      So as a con, it’s an utter failure… hiring 500 people in 4 offices, and spending all that money on development… if Chris Roberts is a con artist, he’s the least competent con artist in history. He’s missing that all important ‘pocket the money’ step and stupidly blowing cash on actually building the thing.

      Worst con artist ever. lol

      • Tufao


        • voodoochild1975

          Now that I know your story, I have a GREAT game recommendation for you…


          We can talk about that game, but I won’t discuss SC with you any more… you are irrationally angry over it and clueless. So not worth the time it takes to type a response on this topic.

          I’ll be enjoying 3.0 in 30 minutes after I get home, and you will still be wallowing in your bile over it.

  • Jules Badguy

    I LOVE No Man’s Sky. Still gets a lot of play in my PS4 Pro. But come on. Star Citizen is gonna blow it away like the Death Star did Alderaan.

  • Mrl

    The difference being that we can actually play NMS. It’s a complete game. Star Citizen has been in alpha, what… A decade? Anyone wanna take bets on when it’s released in full? I’ve the over on 2020.

    • Andres H Beriguete

      I guarantee you that humans will be on mars way before this game is fully completed. The sad part is that backers know this and are completely fine with it, I love all the details and the depth of this game, but come on spending hundreds in a lot of cases thousands for a demo is ridiculous. I think that they are trying to fit 20 tons of shit in a 5 pound bag, so many things can go wrong, and thats why its been in development for so long, they fix one thing 6 other things break. I’m rooting for SC but the comparison to NMS is stupid, and it makes SC look ridiculous, if its supposed to be the end all be all of games why make the comparison?

  • Keldroc

    No Man’s Sky never claimed, tried, or wanted to be this game. Congrats on the most desperate clickbait headline related to Star Citizen of 2017, and that’s saying something.

  • Éric Sylvain Périard

    not really if I have to pay 100000000000000000000000000000$ in addons