Square Enix on Unannounced Titles and Developing for Switch

Square Enix Recognizes Switch’s Success

During Square Enix’s recent financial results briefing that turned out to be glowing, the company also revealed some war plans ahead. Firstly, the company said that it would prepare to launch unannounced smartphone titles in the second half of the fiscal year. With all the Final Fantasy mobile games, it’s no surprise that Square Enix isn’t gun-shy about supporting mobile games. Beyond that, the next fiscal year promises titles that are “sharp,” “powerful,” and “well-made” for E3 2018. Sure, it doesn’t tell us much, but I hope one of these games will be an unused Square Enix IP like Chrono or Final Fantasy Tactics.

Square Enix

As for the Switch, the company said there are similarities between PS4, Xbox One, and Switch as their core architecture is similar. Thus, they can pursue multiplatform development by developing a basic version of the game before optimizing it for each platform. An important takeaway here is how a AAA company is positioning Switch along with PS4 and Xbox One for future games. It’s great to Switch getting that support that the Wii U lacked from most third-party devs. Lastly, Gematsu also reports that Square Enix said that they are game to bring any IP — new, existing, or revivals — for the Switch.

Source: Gematsu