Sony UK Has Released a PS4 Pro Bundle to Rival the Arrival of the Xbox One X

The Xbox One X Launch Rivaled by PS4 Pro Bundle Deal 

Remember when everyone said there is no such thing as a battle between the consoles? Well, Sony UK may have something to say about that. They couldn’t let the Xbox One X launch without contest, so they decided to announce a fantastic PS4 Pro deal to rival the new console from Microsoft!

ps4 pro

If you were looking to pick up an Xbox One X to fulfill all of your 4K gaming needs, Sony UK has released a PS4 Pro bundle that might make you rethink that. Interestingly, even though many were predicting Sony to announce a PS4 Pro price cut or deal ahead of the launch of the Xbox One X at Paris Games Week, it never happened. It seems this may be the reason for that, as they have not-so-coincidentally released a new PS4 Pro bundle on the same day as the Xbox One X launch.

Sony has named this new bundle the Only on PlayStation bundle, which comes with not only a 1TB PS4 Pro, but also five PlayStation 4 exclusive games released earlier this year. The games included are: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Gran Turismo Sport, Wipeout Omega Collection, Horizon Zero Dawn and the new DLC for HZD, The Frozen Wilds. The best part? This bundle is the same price as the Xbox One X console alone at £450.

Sony UK is no stranger to this fact either, as their announcement tweet comes across just a wee bit cheeky, complete with a wink emoji. You can check it out below.

sony uk tweet ps4 pro bundleOf course, this price for the PS4 Pro bundle is £100 more than a PS4 Pro bundle with one game (FIFA 18), which means this is definitely a steal of a deal. So much so, that it is currently (at the time of writing) out of stock through Game, the only place it’s currently available. Keep checking back though, as it’s very likely that there will be more in stock soon enough.

If you’re not quite sure which one best suits your needs, spend some time doing a bit of research. It may be harder to determine than you think! And if you’re leaning towards the Xbox One X, you can check out our review here.