Skyrim Available Now in VR And On the Nintendo Switch

What Is That Like, Eight Versions Now?

With Skyrim available on both PSVR and the Nintendo Switch, we’re getting a bit closer to having this enormous game on every system at once, forever. Like DOOM before it, perhaps one day Skyrim will be playable on ATM machines and etch-a-sketch toys as well.

Skyrim: VR skyrim available vr switch

With the Nintendo Switch version, players will be able to take this colossal game on the road, robbing store owners and crafting thousands of knives anywhere they want. Both the Switch version and the PSVR version come with all the expansions, as well. That means you get the base game, Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn. Pretty impressive either way.

The Switch version also comes with amiibo functionality. You can touch compatible Legend of Zelda amiibo to the system in order to unlock Zelda-themed equipment in the game. It’s not a huge bonus, but still a pretty cool nod to the game’s release on a Nintendo system for the first time. Between these new versions, the original releases and the special edition, we’ve gotta be up to at least eight versions of the game by now. Is that all of them? Did I miss three or four that came out when I wasn’t paying attention? Either way it’s a truly impressive feat on Bethesda’s part.

SOURCE: Press Release