Showcase the Magic of 4K and the Xbox One X With Microsoft’s Interactive Insects Demo

Available Now As a Free Download From the Xbox Digital Store

The Xbox One X launches today and it’s sure to be a popular purchase for those looking to show off the beauty of their 4K TV. To help with that, Microsoft has released a tech demo called Insects that highlights the visual and audio enhancements that come with the Xbox One X.

Insects: An Xbox One X Enhanced Experience was originally developed for game developers as an interactive demo so teams can easily see and hear the differences between the various technologies. It was so effective that Microsoft decided to make it publicly available for download from the Microsoft Store on your console.

Insects will allow the option to toggle between the various formats like 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and Spatial Audio. You can even pause the experience and zoom in to see the different elements. It also allows users to change the time of day, alter the colours of the ladybugs and flowers, and more.

Insects Demo screen 1280x

If you don’t own an Xbox One X, Insects can still be downloaded and enjoyed on the other Xbox consoles. Microsoft says 1080p users can switch 4K mode on or off to see the benefits of super-sampling. While a demo like this is best viewed with the necessary equipment, it’s still pretty cool that Microsoft has catered to everyone.

Insects is available today from the Xbox Digital Store as a free download. Tell us what you think about it in the comments below.