PSVR Completely Demolishes Its Competition, Earning Sony over Half a Billion Dollars

Sony’s PSVR Raking in the Big Bucks…Literally

Remember when many people in the industry said that the PlayStation VR would not be profitable for Sony? Well, in a new report from the VR and AR intelligence firm Greenlight Insights, they estimate that Sony has earned over $500 million with their PSVR headset alone! If that isn’t crushing their competition, all the non-believers and the VR market in general, I don’t know what is.

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Back when the PlayStation VR was released, there were those who doubted whether the headset would actually be profitable for Sony, however it has been revealed that they have sold over 1.5 million units worldwide. By using the average price of $350 for the hardware, it is estimated that Sony has made approximately $525 million in revenue for the PSVR alone! If you add revenue from their software, there is no doubt Sony is rolling in money this year.

Of course, while this may not be as significant as the amount that they’ve made from the PlayStation 4 hardware, it gives hope that virtual reality may have a place in the gaming community after all. If you think about the fact that there were skeptics that believed virtual reality was a dying hobby, even just a few short months ago, this is definitely interesting. With the holiday season just around the corner, who knows what the future will hold for PSVR sales. Whatever is in the cards, Sony is promising to invest heavily in the virtual reality market.

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It will be interesting to see if Microsoft will finally get on board with VR after seeing just how profitable the market can be. And with the Xbox One X launching in a few short days, what’s to say this may not be a consideration in 2018?

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  • PachterStation

    Load of tosh if you ask me. Fair enough, we don’t know the exact PS4 sales figures and that’s also the case with VR, but it looks like the masses haven’t paid into VR, probably because of the price. The range and quality of games is also an issue. If you want to push the boat out, a PS4 Pro with VR is going to set you back £700 for starters. You only have to look at Sony’s past gimmicks (and there’s been plenty of them) to give you an idea what’s going to happen to VR. And will PS4 VR work with the PS5 in the future? Probably not, so you’re going to have to start again. When you look at how much 4K consoles cost, more so the Xbox One X, you’re getting an idea of how much next gen consoles are going to cost. £80 games and £130 controllers, there’s a gaming crash on the horizon. And not forgetting DLC and Season Passes.

    • Derrick Reisdorf

      How can you say we don’t know sales figures? We do. Over 60M of PS4s and 1.5M PSVRs. The PSVR is aimed for those that already own a PS4 which is an awful large number of people. So, I’m not sure why you are including a PS4 Pro as part of your cost of entry. I have a standard PS4, and my PSVR works just fine. I enjoy the different VR experiences there are. Most games are shorter experiences which are fine by me- I don’t like sinking days into one game because I don’t have a lot of time to game. (They say variety is the spice of life). :). But, there are longer games coming out now for those that want it. It took a while for the platform to grow a userbase that could support the cost of bigger game development.
      VR is not a gimmick. VR allows the possibility of providing gaming experiences which are impossible to experience otherwise. Yet, traditional games can just as easily be played in VR as well. VR is in its infancy. Headset design will get better, controls will get better. But even at this early stage, VR still works. Even despite vocal skeptics.

      • Derrick Reisdorf

        Heck. Doesn’t Microsoft have VR baked into their OS now?

    • Hu’an

      My 20 hours with Resident Evil 7 VR worth more than 700$. And if in one year I have to pay another 700$ for a VR2 and PS5, I’ll do it, even I that means no trips, no restaurants or no new Iphone. This is not a gimmick, this is an insane product. Awesome.


      Your post is mostly a load of tosh. You may have some points but most of your statements are speculation. PSVR did NOT fail. Nor did it crawl out the gate. Its doing much better than many expected and will only get better.

      This gaming crash you speak of… Not going to happen. Some will give up because they can’t keep up but the future IS gaming. All roads lead to it.

      Interactive entertainment isn’t going anywhere. If you can “engage” a potential customer rather that only sending signals and hoping they bite then gaming and VR more than fits that bill.

      Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Or you do have the option of looking they other way. Stay in the cave. This is progress.

      P.S. The entry fees will be determined by the market. If people don’t partake then companies will react accordingly. Commerce is a well oiled machine. They will always price at what the audience can tolerate.

  • James

    This article is complete BS and I can’t believe it actually got published. The estimated “average price” has nothing to back it up. Outside of that the $500 million is simply the estimated average price multiplied times the amount sold.

    That doesn’t even remotely translate into $500 million earned by Sony. What about the retailers’ cut of the sale? That alone drops a significant amount. Take out things like shipping, production, etc . . . And suddenly the profits are quite small. Add in R&D and it’s almost certain that Sony has not yet turned a profit from PSVR.

    • Barry Harden

      The fact that PSVR has out sold Oculus Rift and HTC Vive combined tells you something. The entry price to VR is lower for a PS system than it is on PC. It’s no doubt PSVR has turned a profit for Sony otherwise we would’ve seen a slowdown of VR titles.

      • James

        I really don’t care about sales or which one is doing better. I was merely pointing out how this article is BS. PSVR hasn’t earned anything close to $500 million . . . For the reasons I already listed.

        Also, the reason they keep making software for it is because they can profit off of software as well, obviously. It is possible that the sale of headsets + accessories + games has already turned a profit, however I highly doubt the hardware alone has proven profitable yet.

        • Barry Harden

          Hardware is hardly sold at a profit. The goal is to get the hardware into consumer’s hands with as little loss as possible. The licensing fees they get from publishers is the key to profit.

          • James

            Well, actually PSVR was sold at a profit from the very beginning. However that’s what I’m getting at. If you’re looking at profit they likely haven’t made any from PSVR hardware alone, after considering R&D.

            Other than that the article says “By using the average price of $350 for the hardware, it is estimated that Sony has made approximately $525 million in revenue for the PSVR alone! If you add revenue from their software, there is no doubt Sony is rolling in money this year.”

            But where does the average price of “$350” come from? It’s been on sale cheaper than that for a while. On top of that retailers get a cut of the money spent on the device before the money ever gets to Sony. Even if someone spent $400 on PSVR, it’s unlikely that Sony ever even got $300 from it, much less the $350 figure used in the article.

            As I said, I really don’t care whether it’s doing well or not. I’m not big on VR. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, either way it’s besides my point. My point is that PSVR hardware has *not* “earned” Sony $500,000,000 no matter how you cut it, contrary to what the article claims.

  • Playstation Novus

    Demolishes hahahahahaha Sony scrub you know shit article is written by a retarded fanboy hahahahaha not worth the read because author is mind numbingly stupid hahhahaha

  • #1 Hololens fans

    Good start for psvr! Though for the writer, revenue does not mean earnings;”)