PlayStation Kindly Extends PS Plus Memberships for Hurricane Victims

Sony’s Way of Helping Out

PlayStation is extending PS Plus memberships in a new move of philanthropy. Those affected by the latest hurricane distasters will have their PS Plus memberships extended by a month.

ps plus

The new extension applies to members in Texas and Florida, the states affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Reports started coming out of Reddit, where users posted screenshots of emails they received from Sony. In the email, the company addresses the stress of the event and declared that users would have their PS Plus subscriptions extended by a month to compensate for lost time.

According to the email and users, the extra month of PS Plus only applies to players who already had a membership. Thus, if you’re part of the affected party but not already subscribed then the extra month isn’t coming your way. Maybe, there will be something down the line. Sony only started sending the emails very recently. First responders who mentioned their involvement in the hurricane disasters were present in the forum to extend their gratitude. According to them, it was a very busy month. We can only imagine.

This may not be the last such gesture we see from Sony. While accounts from Texas and Florida are reporting PS Plus extensions, members from Puerto Rico, apparently, have yet to receive the same kindness. Emails from Sony may go out to the region once they realize the fact, that is if they haven’t gone out already.

Hopefully, we’ll see a continued trend of philanthropy from Sony and other gaming companies in the future, albeit with less frequent natural disasters.