PlayStation Italy Hilariously Welcomes the Launch of Xbox One X

Those Italians May Be Having Too Much Fun

PlayStation Italy is nothing if not a little cheeky, where the competition is concerned. November 7th, as many people know, marks the arrival of Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. But we’re not here to talk about that; we’re here to talk about the Xbox One X.

Xbox One X console calculated decision

Since everyone is hailing the arrival of Microsoft’s new powerhouse console, the competition didn’t want to be left out. PlayStation Italy had a hilarious way of welcoming the new console into the fold, and you can see it in the branch’s tweet.


Fantastically, this isn’t the first instance of the company’s trolling. They did something similar for the Nintendo Switch launch way back in March. Except, last time they trolled by drastically reducing the price of the PlayStation 4. Perhaps this time they felt it wasn’t necessary. However, Sony actually released a new PS4 Pro bundle to rival the Xbox One X. That would explain a lot.

In other news relating to the Xbox One X, several users recently found issues with dying consoles, but there’s no indication of how widespread it is. There are still things to love about it, seven of which you can find in our article here.

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