EA Gets Slammed as New Petition Calls for Disney to Revoke Their Rights to the Star Wars Franchise

A New Petition Wants Disney to Revoke EA’s Rights to Future Star Wars Titles 

If you thought the controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II couldn’t get any worse, think again! There is a new petition on change.org that is quickly gaining traction within the gaming community and it calls for the immediate revocation of EA’s rights to any future Star Wars games.

Star Wars Battlefront II: Starfighter Assault 1280

Until now, the loot boxes within Star Wars Battlefront II have not only received attention from gambling associations worldwide, the game itself has received very low user scores on Metacritic. The loot boxes caused so much of a problem for EA in fact, that they have put a halt on the practice altogether right now. Even though all eyes already seemed to be on EA, there is a new petition asking for the immediate end to their exclusive multi-year contract with Disney.

The petition was originally asking for 15,000 signatures, however it has now received over 16,000 and has extended the goal to 25,000 signatures. The petition has a lengthy explanation, that starts with this: “EA have had the Star Wars video game license for the last 4 years, and in that time they’ve proven to their consumers that they honestly don’t care about the gameplay experience or content, they’d rather rush out a game that will try and milk as much money out of consumers as possible.” According to the page on change.org, which you can find here, the petition will be sent directly to LucasFilm. One thing is for sure, there are thousands of unhappy people with EA for Star Wars Battlefront II.

LucasFilm’s Douglas Reilly has recently addressed how the company is viewing these reactions from gamers around the world, saying that they are looking to take action and work on fixing some of the issues. “[S]ometimes you don’t get things right the first try, once you put it in the hands of hundreds or thousands or millions of players. You continue to learn how they interact with the things you’ve made, and you run into things you have to adjust along the way. That’s the unfortunate reality of making games with a live service component.”

What do you think about the petition? Do you think this is the right response to Star Wars Battlefront II or have fans gone a little overboard here? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!