Ride Your Wheel to Glory With Indie Racing Adventure Defunct

You Can Do a Lot of Tricks With One Huge Wheel, You Know

Sweet jumps and crazy tricks aren’t just for two-wheeled vehicles. Freshly Squeezed’s indie racing adventure Defunct is a great example of how few wheels you need to really do some crazy stunts. The answer is very few wheels, indeed.

indie racing adventure defunct

The trailer for Defunct doesn’t reveal much in the way of story, but who cares? This could be the tale of robots seeking thrills in between long sessions of calculating the biggest numbers they can comprehend, the core gameplay is still more than enough. You rip around on a ton of different race tracks scattered across a bunch of different regions. There are arbitrary goals to accomplish, most of which seem pretty insignificant in the face of such unspeakable radness.

You can use the tools at your disposal to manipulate gravity. While it’s a well-known gimmick among games, it’s not so ubiquitous that it can’t be improved with the addition of a single truck tire and some sweet robotic grabby hands. Defunct is out right this second on PC, while a PS4 and Xbox One release is set for December 19th. Meanwhile, feast upon this trailer and enjoy the growing suspicions that your car has a few too many tires.

SOURCE: Press Release