The Best Indie Game of all Time, Adventure Pals, Arrives in Spring 2018

It’s Like Cartoon Network and Adult Swim’s Baby

If you like the funniest of most fun platformers, and if you ever watched a show on Cartoon Network, then get ready for the best indie experience of all time. From Armor Games Studios, Adventure Pals is making its way to consoles in Spring 2018, and it’s filled with all the best logical nonsense you could hope for.

Adventure Pals is a wild sidescrolling adventure that smacks you right in the middle of a world filled with whacky animations and characters. Even so, it is a true and blue RPG that has you visiting towns, collecting collectibles, making friends, and beating the crap out of anthropomorphic food. Amenities include but are not limited to: zombie pirate cats, post-apocalyptic dinosaurs and hot dogs that poop explosive mines.

There’s a colorful cast of characters, wonderful animations, mutilation, and the ability to co-op with your friends; imaginary or otherwise. Additionally, you have a pet giraffe who doubles as a helicopter, Sparkles. Together, you will help a whale regain confidence, rig a pirate election, and battle toast and/or dinosaurs. With 105 levels across freakish, whimsical worlds, there are plenty of surprises. To learn more about the madness that is Adventure Pals, you can visit

Adventure Pals will arrive for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If you want to play early, you have to rendezvous with the team at PlayStation Experience 2017; Anaheim, California Booth #98. Expect more updates, news, and info dumps as they come our way.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release