Ghost of Tsushima Was Revealed at The “Right Time,” Says PlayStation Boss

Sony Didn’t Want to Bring Hype Too Long Before Release

Sony recently announced Ghost of Tsushima, the new IP developed by Sucker Punch Studios. It precluded a series of other great reveals during Paris Games Week, and PlayStation believes this particular reveal was made at the right time. In other words, we shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Often, when a new game is launched, it will face the issue of no release date. Either that or the release date turns out to be way off, sometimes by more than a year. Additionally, announcing a game too early leads to unforeseen delays, which eliminates some of the hype surrounding a property. Fortunately, Sony doesn’t believe they’ve made that mistake with Ghost of Tsushima. Michael Denny, Senior Vice President of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, told GameSpot that the build-up to the reveal was calculated.

“I think the right thing to do … and I think we’re learning and a lot of publishers are learning … there is a right time to announce games,” Denny told GameSpot.

Sucker Punch is famous for their work on the InFamous franchise, the last of which was an open-world beauty. Now, they’re working on a completely different project where players take on the role of a Samurai in Feudal Japan. It’s an original project created by the studio, one they enjoy developing, and they have Sony’s full support.

“In the past, I think it’s fair to say sometimes we announced games too early,” said Denny. “And this is such a great project for Sucker Punch. It’s a game they’ve always really wanted to make themselves. And I think it’s the right time to announce that, and they’ve been working on that game for a long time now. There is great [playable version of the game] already. So we’re just excited to let everybody know about it.”

Aside from knowing it’s an open-world action game set in Feudal Japan, Ghost of Tsushima is largely shrouded in mystery. Oh, yea, we also know the game’s trailer was captured using the game’s engine. Check back for details as more of the project unravels. We’ll keep you posted.