Forza Horizon 3 Team Hires MGSV and Hellblade Devs for New Open-World RPG

Metal Gear Solid V and Hellblade Talent Involved

Playground Games has been busy lately, what with hiring new devs and opening a new studio in Leamington Spa. The talent at their second studio, as reported by, will be working on a new “open-world action RPG.”

Forza Horizon Japan

In securing devs for the next big project, Playground has recruited Sean Eyestone. Eyestone will be working as a production designer. Prior, he worked as a senior producer at DICE for Star Wars: Battlefront II. And before that, he worked with Kojima on several Metal Gear titles, including Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Along with Eyestone, we have designer Will Kennedy who worked eight years at Rockstar North delivering missions and levels for Grand Theft Auto. Then there’s Juan Fernandez di Simon, the man who gave us the great combat in Hellblade.

“We’re delighted that we’ve secured a second studio to house our new team,” said CEO Gavin Raeburn. “This is a hugely exciting project that is already attracting world-class talent to Playground.

“The combination of new blood and experienced Playground team members is already showing huge promise and I’m excited to see this talented group contribute to Playground’s continued success.”

As is plain to see, Playground Games is not skipping out on development talentTheir open-world project could be the next big name in the action-adventure genre. If their work with Forza Horizon 3 is any indication, we can expect an open and dynamic experience. At least, we can reasonably expect as much from a team of 200 devs. Combined, this brings the company’s dev count to over 400.

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