Season 4 of ‘For Honor’ Begins: New Classes, Maps, and Modes – Now Kill Everything

Shaman and Aramusha Arrive

With the next Season of For Honor, Order and Havoc, comes new characters, new maps, new and more ways to kill. Ubisoft is kicking things off today with even more features on top of all the carnage.

The highlights of this season are the classes and the new Tribute Mode. The Viking Shaman and Samurai Aramusha come into play as fast, dual-wielding units; Season Pass holders gain immediate access to them while everyone else must wait until November 21st. Then, they’re available for a purchase of 15,000 Steel each. Make use of them in the new mode, where you must take control points that offer different bonuses.

Here’s the outline of Season Four’s new features:

New Team-Based Modes: Tribute mode introduces a new objective-based mode to For Honor. Players will fight for control of three distinct Offerings placed throughout the map. Finding and securing those Offerings at their teams’ designated Shrines awards unique team-wide buffs, forcing players to make strategic choices about where to place their Offerings first. In addition to Tribute mode, For Honor competitive play continues to grow with the introduction of Ranked Dominion mode later in the season. Players will be able to team up with friends to compete in online Dominion matches for a chance to win in-game rewards.

New Heroes: Rounding out the Samurai and Viking factions, the Aramusha (Samurai Hybrid) and Shaman (Viking Assassin) join the fray. The Aramusha capitalize on the mistakes of their opponents and punish them with a never-ending flow of fast attacks in every direction. The Shaman are fierce and aggressive warriors who are strongest when on the offensive. Pouncing on their opponents like wild beasts, they become more deadly as their opponents bleed out onto the battlefield.

For Honor ins2

New Maps: Market Town and The Gauntlet join the selection of multiplayer maps. A Samurai village, Market Town is a densely populated maze of twisting alleys. The stilt houses sit above the water, and necessitate a push skyward, creating multi-tiered neighborhoods at varying elevations. Players can navigate the vertical maps through a system of zip lines. The Gauntlet represents the Viking capitol, an imposing fortress perched high on a hill, protected by a defensive gauntlet. Few have made their way into the Viking citadel, none have made it back out.

Lastly, it’s worth reminding you that For Honor is available now at the major discount of 60% off. Thus, if you have yet to enter the Faction War, it’s never too late. Season Four brings a new peak in in-game features when it comes to maps, modes, character classes, and gear. And if you like what you’re seeing with this new season, note that developers will continue to update the game with new features. So, check back for the latest info.

SOURCE: Press Release