Dead Cells Gets Brutal New Update

New Final Boss for Dead Cells

Motion Twin’s hard-as-tombstone Roguevania, Dead Cells, is getting a slew of new content that goes live on November 14th. The Early Access title gets closer to its final form with this latest patch, Update 4. First off, the game is giving players two new biomes, the Clock Tower and the Slumbering Sanctuary, both include new enemies and loot. The final boss in previous versions has been shuffled to mid-boss status while the new Assassin boss takes over as the final encounter for the game. Lastly, the level-up system gets completely overhauled too as the Patch notes detail the changes here.

Dead Cells

Take a gander at some of the new changes below coming to Dead Cells below:

The Ninja Gaiden-style wall-climbing and float-y jump have got me most excited from the stuff we see in the trailer.

Dead Cells is available as Early Access for Steam and is a great example of how to do EA right.

Source: Motion Twin