Build The Most Amazing Pillow Forts With Sleep Tight

Way Cooler Than The Ones I Used To Build

Everyone remembers the joy of building pillow forts as children. Unless you never did that as a kid, in which case why not? Also, you could be building a pillow fortĀ right nowSleep Tight. , an upcoming title from We Are Fuzzy, transforms this delightful activity into the intense monster battle you always imagined it to be.

Sleep Tight

The premise is simple enough. You spend the daylight hours building the raddest pillow fort you can, then at night, you fight off waves of monsters from the safety of said fort. You’ll use foam darts, water balloons, remote-controlled toys and other sweet gadgets to push back the beasts. There’s new weapons to earn, skills to unlock and power-ups to buy. This all sounds great, though the question remains: Just how rad will your pillow fort become?

We Are Fuzzy is a new company cobbled together with odious amounts of talent, featuring such titles in their collective resume as The Walking Dead, Westworld, Far Cry 5, Iron Man and League of Legends. Yes, some of those are not games. If nothing else, this more or less guarantees a certain level of delicious visual fidelity. The game has not concrete release date yet, with the team aiming for early next year. When Sleep Tight does come out, it’ll be for PC and Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, check out this short but sweet teaser trailer!

SOURCE: Press Release