Overwatch Is Getting the 4K Treatment with a New Patch for Xbox One X

Avoid the Payload in Upscaled 4K

There are few developers that will go to the lengths of Blizzard to optimize a game. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the studio wants to bring Overwatch in 4k resolution to the Xbox One X.

Overwatch Patch overwatch community

Apparently, Blizzard is preparing a patch that would enhance the graphics of their popular hero shooter on Microsoft’s new console. They are just one of many teams building game enhancements specifically for Xbox One X. Their goal right now is making sure the UI works with the upscaled resolution. No telling if other tasks will follow. The only downside to this announcement is that there isn’t a release date for the patch. If work has only just begun, then it could be a while.

One possibility is that the patch will arrive around the time the new hero, Moira, reaches the roster. Considering previous Xbox One X enhanced games, it will be a large file size. Just about every game that has included Xbox One X enhancements has nearly doubled their overall file size. Hence, Blizzard may not want to pile the 4K data on top of an update that’s already planned. Either way, it’s unlikely we’ll see it until 2018.

Since Blizzard prides itself on the ability to release Overwatch updates for all consoles simultaneously, there’s the slightest chance they’re working on a PS4 Pro update as well. No official news yet.

Check back for an official update from the developer and for more on Xbox One X.

Happy gaming.