PUBG Creator Bluehole Creates the Craziest MMO in Ascent: Infinite Realm

It’s a Wedding of Beautiful Genres

Kakao Games is excited as all hell to announce their partnership with Bluehole to deliver their new triple-A MMO: Ascent: Infinite Realm. The new IP marries Steampunk and Magic to bring a world like no other, and it’s coming to the west in 2018.

Infinite Realm

Korean developer Bluehole is responsible for PC hits like Tera and the record-breaking PUBG. But this latest IP represents a complete departure. Announced at the G-Star Bluehole media showcase in Busan, South Kora, Ascent: Infinite Realm (A:IR) should be getting a closed beta in the west during the first half of 2018. Where the western release is concerned, Kakao Games intends to localize the game in English, German, and French. If there are more languages down the line, I suspect we’ll be updated accordingly.

In a press release detailing the new IP, the CEO of Kakao Games Europe, Minsung Kim, said the following:

“All of us at Kakao Games are very proud to be able to work with the remarkable talent at Bluehole and bring their new AAA MMORPG to Western audiences. We are confident that we can localize their creative vision effectively and help make A:IR into a massive global success.”

Our first trailer for Ascent gave us a look at fast-paced Realm vs Realm (RvR) combat. The mix of high fantasy and industrial elements builds upon what we’ve already seen in the genre. Vehicles serve a dual purpose through use in combat and transportation, granting a more seamless experience. Plus, there’s no denying that the graphics just look spectacular. See the first trailer for Ascent: Infinite Realm below:

Guns, cannons, airships, spells, and mechs are coming together for one of the most intense MMOs we may have ever seen. According to a press release, devs are even working on more ways to personalize the experience. For now, the key features we know about include:

  • Explore a beautifully designed high fantasy steampunk world
  • Discover a fusion of classic MMORPG elements with multi-dimensional gameplay encompassing both land and sky
  • Choose from five fully customizable classes
  • Conquer the skies with A:IR’s Realm vs Realm mode and experience massive aerial battles

Look forward to more updates Ascent: Infinite Realm as time goes by. Additional info can be found on the game’s teaser website.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release