Animation Company Behind Minions Apparently Creating an Animated Mario Movie

Shigeru Miyamoto Will Serve as Animated Mario Movie’s Producer

With fans still stoked about New Donk City in Super Mario OdysseyWall Street Journal broke the story earlier today about Illumination Studio may be behind taking the ex-plumber to the big screen in an animated adaptation. CNN later confirmed Nintendo is “close to a deal” with the studio that dropped other animated flicks like the Despicable Me series. While I’m not the biggest Minions fan, do know that Shigeru Miyamoto is set to be a producer for the upcoming film which shows Nintendo will be more involved for the project, unlike the hot mess that was the Bob Hoskins-led live action flick.

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It’s important to note that Illumination Studio’s parent company is Universal Studios which is helping Nintendo with their Super Nintendo World theme park attraction. Thus, it’s highly likely that these two companies will collaborate for an animated Mario movie.

My only fear? I hope we won’t see Minions x Mario game down the line.

Source: Wall Street Journal