Customers Are Outraged as Amazon Drops the Ball With Xbox One X Pre-Orders

Amazon Misses the Xbox One X Launch Day and Those Affected Are Angry

The Xbox One X has officially launched and while this should be a happy occasion for those who pre-ordered the console, that isn’t the case for everyone. Earlier today it was reported that many Amazon customers, both in the UK and in the US, are upset as they have yet to receive their pre-orders, especially those waiting for the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition.

Xbox One X console calculated decision

Many Amazon customers have taken to social media to complain that their Xbox One X pre-orders aren’t scheduled to arrive on the launch day today. In fact, the shipment dates don’t match with the release day. Instead of playing Assassin’s Creed Origins in 4K, those who purchased the console through Amazon have been left empty-handed. At least for the time being.

While Amazon UK has stated that “stock issues” have caused shipment delays to local buyers, these problems are also occurring in the US. The delays are between one and three days, and while this is far from extreme, it’s annoying. The whole point of pre-ordering online is to ensure a guaranteed delivery of the item on the day it becomes available. Why else would you pay ahead of time?

Some of these unfortunate customers are warning people about pre-ordering from Amazon. You can read an angry tweet from an unsatisfied customer below.

While the above consumer is from the US, there are similar tweets directed at Amazon UK. You can check out one of these below.

It has been anything but a smooth launch for the Xbox One X customers who purchased through Amazon, but hopefully this is resolved quickly, and those experiencing delays will get some good news soon.

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