We Are Giving Away a Copy of Destiny 2 for PC; Full Details Inside

Win a Copy of Destiny 2 for PC (North America)

Finally, Guardians are making their first foray into a previously inaccessible planet known as PC, two months after Destiny 2 released on consoles. The sequel to the original Destiny, this title released in September on consoles to a receptive audience that noted its improved narrative and progression over the first game. In our console review, we noted that “in Destiny 2, gone are the days of repeatedly engaging in the same mindless patrols for hours on end.”.

But enough about the console version, you are obviously here for the PC version. Well, we reviewed the PC version in addition to the console version, and while the content is the same, perhaps our very own Garrett Drake put it best: “I’ve spent well over a hundred hours in Destiny 2 on a PS4 Pro. It’s certainly a pretty game on a console, but it pales when juxtaposed with the breathtaking 4K visuals on PC; especially with HDR enabled.”

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Whether you are already sold or want to see what it is all about, let’s cut to the chase…

Win a Copy of Destiny 2 for PC (NA Only)

Best of luck to all those who enter, and don’t forget… eyes up, Guardian!