Upcoming Switch title, Never Stop Sneakin’, is a MGS Parody

Never Stop Sneakin’ Aims for PS1’s Metal Gear Solid

If there’s one series that’s perfect for parody, it’s got to be Hideo Kojima’s stealth action series, Metal Gear, with its over-the-top plot and Kojima-ism gameplay such as Snake’s obsession with cardboard boxes. Humble Hearts, the developer behind Dust: An Elysian Tail, is creating one such Metal Gear Solid homage in the upcoming Switch title, Never Stop Sneakin’.

Never Stop Sneakin

Never Stop Sneakin’ looks like a huge departure from the indie dev’s previous offering. It’s immediately obvious that the upcoming Switch title is hugely influenced by Metal Gear Solid. Let’s count the ways: a convoluted political scenario, the area looks like Shadow Moses, a helicopter fight in a snowy field reminiscent of the iconic Raven tank boss battle, you can see the guards’ cone of vision, PS1-era models, and of course, a ballad too.

That said, the gameplay features a top-down camera that’s more pulled back. Besides that, there seems to be less emphasis on hiding as the character is seen mostly blasting away guards and dodging bullets. If anything, the title is more of an arcade-y SHMUP with some light stealth elements mixed in.

Lastly, the developer, Dean Dodrill, noted on NeoGAF that title will launch initially on Switch, but they plan to bring it to other platforms in due time. Elsewhere on that thread, the developer added that they the Dust: An Elysian Tail, is important as they will return to it in the future.

Source: Gematsu