Presenting ‘Dolmen’: Sci-Fi, Horror, and a Triple-A Game Minus the Cost?

A Bold New Indie Title from Brazil

When you combine Sci-Fi and Horror, you get Dolmen, a new AAA experience for hardcore players. This RPG provides a third-person experience where you navigate a planet filled with unseen monsters and alien enemies. Furthermore, the graphics are stunning. See it all when it comes to Kickstarter in January.


Dolmen is being developed by Massive Works Studio, coming straight out of Brazil. In this new venture, players find themselves in the hazardous planet of Revion Prime as the alleged sole survivor of an astronaut crew. With the tools at your disposal, you have to navigate, battle and survive the surprises behind every dark corner.

According to a press release, Dolmen practically falls in line with the grimdark genre of storytelling. The world of Revion Prime has witnessed a massacre so widespread that bodies were ejected into the atmosphere so as to avoid affecting the world via decomposition. As you can imagine, the game will fully utilize its mature rating. Therefore, there’s no telling what kind of monsters land morbid secrets lurk in the darkness. However, you can take a guess after watching the recently revealed trailer. Watch it down below.

Stay tuned for news of when Dolmen’s Kickstarter launches. With crowdfunding beginning in January 2018, the developers aim to deliver Early Access by March of the same year. Hence it will arrive on Steam, first. Afterward, the team’s goal is to release the game for consoles in 2019 or 2020. Before anything else, you can expect to see Dolmen showcased at the Brazil Game Show 2017. For more info, you can visit the official website.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release