There’s a Cool Easter Egg Hidden in Every Xbox One X

You Probably Won’t Ever See It, Though

In every Xbox One X unit, Microsoft has hidden a tiny easter egg that most people won’t ever get the chance to see: On the console’s circuit board, a small etching of Halo’s Master Chief riding a scorpion can be found.

Xbox One X Master Chief Easter Egg main

The image is significant in two ways: it’s a homage to the Xbox One X’s unusually popular codename, Project Scorpio, and because everyone knows that Master Chief rides tanks in the Halo games called Scorpions. Oh, how clever you are, Microsoft.

We don’t recommend trying to see the etching for yourself when you get your console on November 7th. Trying to do so involves cracking open the console unit which, of course, means voiding the warranty. The discovery was found by the YouTube channel Unocero while tearing down the console during a tour of Microsoft’s campus. You can watch the whole thing here if you’d like or fast forward to the 11-minute mark.

This appears to be a new trend for Microsoft as a mini Master Chief can also be found inside every Xbox One S unit. We have to admit, we love seeing easter eggs like this. Where else should mini Master Chief appear?

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