Get Spooked with Thai Mythology-inspired Horror, Home Sweet Home

Thai Horror Fans Will Want to Check Home Sweet Home Out

Growing up to Malaysia, I got exposed to other strange creatures of lore like the Penanggalan, a flying head with entrails intact, and the Pontianak, which scared me enough as a kid to ensure I never pissed on a banana tree. South Asian folklore has some pretty wild things when it comes to the supernatural, and it’s cool to see Home Sweet Home, which focuses on the horrors from Thai mythology for its spooks.

Home Sweet Home

You play as Tim, a husband with a missing wife, thrust into a world of empty hallways and flickering lights. The game is heavy on atmosphere as opposed to scary encounters. That said, the Thai indie devs, YGGDRAZIL GROUP, do put harm in poor Tim’s way with a cast of some Thai horror ghouls too. The title was released near the end of last month for PC to some mixed reviews, but there is a demo available that should let you know what you’re in for.

It also appears the title is episodic with more Home Sweet Home horror on its way.