Sony Announces New and Updated PlayStation VR Hardware

Now With More Quality of Life Improvements

Sony is updating its PlayStation VR headset with a new version that brings small but necessary changes to the hardware. The changes aren’t visible right away but the new model, CUH-ZVR2, when compared with the original CUH-VR1, brings about integrated stereo headphone cables and a slimmer and more streamlined connection cable.

PlayStation VR headset updated

An updated Processor Unit now supports HDR pass through so there is no need to disconnect the Processor Unit every time you want to watch HDR-compatible content on your PS4. Although, the VR headset will still need to be turned off. Sony also mentions that the updated Processor Unit is not compatible with current PS VR models because the cables are different. More information can be found at the FAQ page for the new PS VR.

For those wondering how to tell the difference between the old and new PlayStation VR models, Sony will be making “slight” changes to the packaging. They also encourage consumers to look for the model number on the box before purchasing. On a side note, the Japanese website indicates that the company is reviewing the PlayStation Move controller to launch a PS4-exclusive model that will include a Micro USB connection.

PlayStation VR updated

The new updated PlayStation VR hardware is set to be released October 14th in Japan with a North American release date still unknown at this time. Pricing (including bundles) will also remain the same as the original.