Rock ‘N Racing Off Road DX Skidding Onto the Nintendo Switch

No Release Date Announced

EnjoyUp Games have announced Rock ‘N Racing Off Road DX for the Nintendo Switch. A release date was not given.

Rock N' Racing Off Road DX Switch main screen

The Switch version will contain the full game experience including Championship, Time Trial, Training, and Multiplayer modes. It will support up to 4 players simultaneously and should make for a great fit on Nintendo’s platform.

Rock N’ Racing is a top-down mini-car racer with inspirations from the classic Super Off Road. It made its debut on the Wii U but has since been ported to the Xbox One and PS4. Truth be told, Rock N’ Racing Off Road DX hasn’t reviewed particularly well, with critics pointing out bad in-game AI and a lack of content. The Switch version looks to be in line with the current gen ports so we aren’t expecting drastic changes here but if the price is right, it may serve its purpose — even for a short while.

As mentioned above, a release date was strangely missing from the press release but we’re expecting it to hit the Switch eShop sooner than later. We’ll update the story if and when a date is confirmed.

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SOURCE: press release