PS4 Pro Officially Has a Larger List of Enhanced Titles Than the Xbox One X

PS4 Pro List of Enhanced Games Is Longer Than That of the Xbox One X

Just last week we told you that the list of enhanced titles for the Xbox One X has reached over 150 titles. Now however, Jim Ryan, head of global sales and marketing at Sony, has confirmed that there are more than 75 more enhanced titles available for the PlayStation 4 Pro!

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Jim Ryan has revealed that there are over 225 titles that have graphical enhancements. Unfortunately while Ryan confirmed the amount of enhanced titles, he did not clarify if it will include a bunch of future releases. After yesterday’s killer line up shown off at Sony’s Paris Games Week press briefing, including the new announcement for Ghost of Tsushima, we should all keep our fingers crossed.

With that said, the higher number of enhanced titles isn’t all that surprising, considering the PS4 Pro has been on the market for a year. Given that like with the Xbox One X, developers will likely make more titles enhanced, meaning that the list will continue to grow. What will truly be interesting is to see the comparison between the amount of enhanced titles for the Xbox One X and the amount for the PS4 Pro after the latest Xbox console makes its way onto the market next week.

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Jim Ryan has also confirmed that the PlayStation 4 has over 100 titles that support virtual reality on the PSVR, although like the enhanced titles, he did not make it clear whether future releases are included in this number. He also revealed that developers will continue to take advantage of the PS4 and PS4 Pro’s power for their software, which will translate into fantastic results.

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  • Kiyoshi Richards

    Isn’t it funny no one can find this list. Where is it?

    • Thomas Hannah
      • Kiyoshi Richards

        So boost mode and VR games too? Lets count how many games get better performance on the One X? All of the Xbox X games work better on the One X. So what a dumb way to try to claim enhancements .

        • Thomas Hannah

          You clearly see what games are actual PRO enchanced games from the list that are VR ready. It’s categorized as simple as it gets.

  • Michael W

    “Enhanced soup” *slowclap*

  • U weirdo

    Sony lying again ? Quite an insult.

    The Pro is incapable of downloading and running 4k textures and assets at all. So the Pro has zero 4k enhanced games while the X has many. Rez increases and booooost mode are not 4k enhancements liars.

    • justerthought

      Chill out. Your acting like a child. Sony said the games are enhanced. An enhancement can be any improvement. It does not have to be the improvement you’re referring to. Any improvement over the base PS4 is an enhancement, so how can that be a lie.

      The XB1X will have more impressive enhancements but you pay extra for the console and it will only have the edge for 2 years then the PS5 will wipe it out.

      • U weirdo

        ps4 pro blows compared to X and sony blows as a company. they are liars

        You are acting like a child…a blind fanboy

  • Fred Kaiser

    even if its true….most of those enhancements are resolution boosts nothing more and don’t look much better than the standard ps4 versions

    • Kiyoshi Richards

      They count if a game gets 3 to 5 fps better too.