Engage in Presidential Death Battles with Justice Duel

Ride to Battle On a Giant Eagle of Justice

Haven’t used your NES in decades? Looking to change that? Fear not! Mega Cat Studios has you covered, somehow. This presidential death battle simulator is one of two different NES games coming out on the same day! Grab that stovepipe hat and call your giant eagle, it’s time to Justice Duel!

Justice Duel

This game puts you in control of one of four different legendary presidents. Your chosen head of state rides a genetically-engineered eagle into battle against the other three, using the ancient jousting system to decide which former leader is superior. You’ve got bombs, missiles, bear traps and firecrackers at your disposal in order to make sure you come out on top. The eagles are also wearing top hats, because of course they are.

The game supports four-player co-op, so if you’ve also got a multi-tap this is a great chance to drag it out of storage. In a single point of curious anachronism, Justice Duel has achievements to unlock as well. Maybe the original NES had no such thing anywhere in sight, but isn’t that kind of merit-based reward system just what the founding fathers would have wanted? The game is out right now for the Nintendo Entertainment System. You can order it off the Mega Cat site here.

SOURCE: Press Release