Play The Witcher 3 in 4K with the Latest PS4 Pro Update

An Improved Experience for a Great Game

CD Projekt RED’s Witcher 3 is a very replayable game, but now there’s a specific reason players may want to jump pack in. According to a new PS4 Pro update, the game is now available in 4K with a “slight boost” in performance.

Witcher 3 Developer

The developer announced 4K support for Witcher 3 last month. Finally, they’ve implemented upgrades that work on the PS4 Pro no matter the TV you’re using. As revealed by a tech analysis from Digital FoundryWitcher 3 is now running at 1920×2160 using checkerboard rendering. Hence, you’ll see a substantial boost to quality.

Update 1.51 for the PS4 Pro also brings enhancements for anyone using 1080p displays. Thanks to super-sampling, players should see better anti-aliasing and better-scaling textures. No matter what, the game is going to look better. Despite the improvements, the tech analysis notes that the game isn’t yet flawless. There are some more demanding areas like Crooback Bog and Toussaint where visuals come off a little less cleanly.

A similar update is expected for the Xbox One, once the powerhouse console finally releases. Given the fact that it packs some more punch than the PS4 Pro, the improvements could potentially be greater. We’ll just have to wait and see.