New Xbox One S Bundles Come with Games, Game Pass, and Gold

A Total of Four New Xbox One S Console Bundles

Just because there’s a console war doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own more consoles. Or maybe it does; I don’t know. But you have to, at least, take a look at the new Xbox One S bundles Microsoft as in offer.

Xbox One S

A total of four new Xbox One S bundles offers the console at a respectable discount with games. Yep, games. Moreover, all of these bundles offer limited-time free access to the new Xbox Game Pass subscription service. The time varies per bundle, but you’re getting additional software content no matter which package you select. Not bad

First, we have the Xbox One S packed with Minecraft: 500 GB hard drive space, 1 Xbox One wireless controller, free Minecraft Explorer’s Pack, 3 months of Xbox Live Gold, and 1 month of Xbox Game Pass. Then we have the Xbox One Rocket League bundle, which offers all of the exact same content aside from the packed game.

Then we have the unique Xbox One S Starter Bundle. This is the only variant that does not come with any games. But, unlike the rest, it offers a total of 3 months of Xbox Game Pass. Hence, 3 months of choosing from a library of over 100 games.

Halo fans can rejoice, however, thanks to Xbox One S Ultimate Halo bundle. We have The Master Chief Collection right alongside Halo 5: Guardians. That’s loads of Master Chief content. The bundle does not include the 3 months of Xbox Live Gold; instead, you only get the 14-day free trial. But, you do obtain the one-month subscription for Xbox Game Pass.

Every bundle starts at $279.99 USD / £229 GBP / €279 EUR. Considering the new Assassin’s Creed Origins Bundle that just released, Microsoft is on a roll and will have plenty of options for the holidays. Check back for more surprises the company may have in store, literally. Until next time,

Happy gaming.

Major Nelson