Fight Against 150-Ft Ogres in New Extinction Trailer

Extinction Features Gaming’s Biggest Ogres

Iron Galaxy, best known for Killer Instinct, revealed a new IP, Extinction, this summer where players are tasked with chopping down 150-ft ogres. An earlier gameplay trailer showed the main character, Avil, scaling buildings horizontally and vertically, doing some air dashes, and even using his whip like a grappling hook too. Those traversals abilities will come in handy for his fights against the giant ogres as he’ll need to cut off their armor, dismember their limbs, and finally decapitate their heads to put them down for good.


This latest Extinction trailer showed off the variety of menaces against Avil as he took on smaller ogre brethren before facing off against the towering ogres that came in different color shades too. It has shades of Attack on Titan with ogres swapped instead. Not too much information is known about the game’s mode yet, but check out the latest trailer below.

 is scheduled for a release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2018.