New Everspace Expansion Announced, 4K Update Coming for Xbox One X

Get Ready for New Everspace Content When It Releases At the End of the Month

It’s time for Everspace fans to get excited. A major expansion, called Encounters, is heading to the gorgeous space shooter at the end of October on PC. Xbox One owners will need to wait until February to experience the new content but it’s coming alongside a free 4K update for Xbox One X owners.

Developer Rockfish says the DLC will “add over 10 hours of extra gameplay to the core game.” One of the major additions in Encounters is the Colonial Sentinel, a new player ship. It’s a medium fighter class ship equipped with serious weaponry or “electronic warfare capabilities.” It also has a special shield that is twice as strong as the standard model. For good measure, a bunch of new weapons, device, and consumables are also being added so you can take down your enemies with relative ease.

Rockfish is adding all-new factory space stations and gameplay mechanics including “on-the-fly services, like refining and converting resources,” new ship upgrades or minor repair jobs. Players can also travel to the Okkar Homeworld and encounter new enemies, new characters, and quests.

Everspace Encounters main

PC gamers can expect to play the Encounters expansion at the end of October on Steam and GOG; as mentioned above, Xbox One will be getting it in February. 4K support, as well as upgraded 1080p visuals on Xbox One X, is coming in February through a free update if you have Microsoft’s latest console. A price for Encounters wasn’t provided.

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