Modder Creates a Fanless PS4 Using Aluminum, Wood, and Stone

Runs Cooler Than Original PS4 Slim Hardware

If you’ve ever wished that your PS4 could be less than whisper quiet, then you may want to get in touch with this guy. A modder that goes by the name Fanless Guy on Facebook has deconstructed and rebuilt a PS4 Slim into something that, well, doesn’t a resemble a PS4 Slim anymore.

Fanless PS4 Modder Design

What you’re looking at above is a legit PS4 Slim that has had its fans removed, effectively removing all noise output from the machine. The only noise it does make is when a game disc is inserted and when it spins. Otherwise, this thing, indeed, is whisper quiet.

Fanless Guy is one creative dude. He used a combination of aluminum, wood, and stone to replace the active fan with simple passive cooling. Other changes like replacing the hard drive with a super silent SSD is all in service to ensure this beautiful creation is silent as can be. Six months later, this Slim is still running perfectly and even runs cooler than the original hardware.

The video is worth a watch just to see how it all came together. It may be bigger and weigh more than the actual Slim model but there’s no denying its beauty. Fanless Guy states that an unmodded Slim can reach temperatures up to 66 degrees while his fanless version could run DOOM for hours and never exceed 51 degrees.

In the future, Fanless Guy may do the same with a PS4 Pro and even an Xbox One version. He has also made a fanless PS3 Slim back in 2013. Check out his Facebook page for more photos then leave a comment down below.