Leaked Black Friday Ad Has Xbox One and PS4 For Under $150

Xbox One and PS4 To See Deep Black Friday Discounts

Okay, we get it. Nobody wants to hear about Black Friday or Christmas yet. Halloween hasn’t even happened yet. But like it or not, Black Friday is coming and so are the leaks. This year we expect some fantastic discounts and if this initial Kohl’s ad is any indication, it’s going to be a brilliant year for picking up a current-gen game console.

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There was a leaked ad via bestblackfriday.com that has two excellent deals. One is for the Xbox One S and the other is for the PlayStation 4. The Xbox One S comes in at 189.99, with $45 in Kohl’s cash back for a final price $144.99, and the PS4 comes in at $199.99 with $60 in Kohl’s cash for a final price of $139.99.

If you don’t yet have a current-gen console, this would be a good time to grab one. This is the cheapest we have seen it. Check out the ad below:

Black Friday Kohls

There’s also a Halo Wars 2 Xbox One S bundle with an extra controller for $329.99. $90 in Kohl’s cash brings this to a total of $239.99.

Granted, “Kohl’s cash” isn’t exactly cash in your wallet but Kohl’s sells enough stuff there that you’ll almost definitely be able to find something you need to buy anyways. For that reason, Kohl’s cash is as good as American dollars.