Good God, The Tamagotchi Is Coming Back

It’s the 90’s Again, Forever

Welcome to the latest installment in pop culture’s ongoing series, What Year is It???, where we stand amazed at the anachronistic nature of the news. Bandai America is releasing the Tamagotchi upon the world once more, giving boys and girls one more chance to accidentally kill a tiny digital pet. What better way is there to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a toy, than with a fresh release?


For those of you unfamiliar with this keychain-looking museum exhibit, the ‘Gotch was a rudimentary animal husbandry simulation that you could take with you wherever you went. This thing would eat, poop, cry and otherwise emote, compelling you to lavish it with attention and praise. They also died if you messed up too badly or forgot about them altogether, as the whole world did two decades ago.

Now, the legendary Tamagotchi is rising from its shallow grave, pushing aside other, less endearing fads as it claws and scrambles towards the surface. Bandai America is only bringing them back in limited quantities, so you’d better act fast if you want one. Is this how the rest of this decade is going to go? Are Pogs coming back? Did they come back already? Don’t tell me if they have, some mystery must remain in this world, after all. You can pre-order your very own digital attention-harvester starting today, though I’m not totally sure where.

SOURCE: Press Release