Go Chernobyl On Your Enemies in Freaky Awesome

Use Those Horrible Mutations to Win the Day

You don’t win wars by making friends. No, you win wars by ripping your head off and throwing it at your enemies, only to have another head grow where the first one used to be. Freaky Awesome is a game where horrendous, permanent changes to your DNA are the way to win the day.

Freaky Awesome

Mandragora Games’ upcoming release is a rogue-lite action title where your character’s upgrades and enhancements come from wandering through puddles of toxic waste. Beyond the head-ripping, you can do things like whip your neck around, give birth to clones of yourself and more. All of this can happen without warning, often in the middle of a battle. Not only that, but the stages themselves are also vulnerable to mutations of the permanent variety. Every successive run produces new changes in the playing field, most of which are probably horrible and also kind of cool.

Yes, the rogue-lite genre is a bit overstuffed at present, but this one is also really gross. Who doesn’t want to watch their body distort and shift, Cronenberg-style, in the middle of a battle? Those of you who are interested in destroying your body for a chance at victory will be overjoyed to hear that Freaky Awesome is coming to Steam on October 18th, 2017. So soon! Finally, as an aside, this game is coming from a Russian developer. Anyone else seeing the connection between this and Chernobyl? Admittedly, badass mutant powers sounds like a much better outcome than the reality, which mostly involved forceful displacement and aggressive cancer rates. Anyway, the trailer is below! Bathe your body in its toxic glow!

SOURCE: Press Release