GameStop’s $60 PowerPass Offers Used Game Rental for 6 Months

Will This New Program Increase GameStop Customers?

GameStop has been taking notes and has finally found a way to compete with digital retailers. They’re offering customers a $60 PowerPass that lets you rent any used games for 6 months.

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Since all console companies now have digital stores from which to buy games, GameStop’s customer base is dropping. To compensate for this, they’re offering a new and unique rental program. The “PowerPass,” as they’re calling it, will give owners access to their entire library of used games. With the pass, you can walk into any GameStop, pick out a used game, play it, and then return it to pick out another one. It’s that simple. And you can do it for 6 months, which amounts to $10 a month. That’s not a bad deal.

In order to qualify for the Power Pass, however, you have to have a PowerUp Rewards account—which is free.  Not to be mistaken with a PowerUp Rewards membership, mind you, which costs $15. $30 if you go for the Elite tier. Having an account allows GameStop to keep track of who owns what games. Then, for the next six months, it’s unlimited access to all those pre-owned titles.

The PowerPass Program begins on November 19. If it sounds too good to you that’s probably because GameStop shelves will start turning up empty. Check with the story for more details. Until next time,

Happy gaming…for six months.