Gamestop Maybe Doing A Totally Awesome Game Rental Program This Holiday

Hot Damn This Program Could Be Cool

What could be cool, you’re asking impatiently. What??? Well, it seems like Gamestop might be rolling out a new version of the rental system. Known as the Power Pass, customers would get unlimited access to pre-owned games for only 60 bones. Totally awesome, right?

Gamestop rental program totally awesome

No? You don’t see how this could possibly benefit you in any way? It seems like kind of a raw deal, until you remember that the ‘pre-owned’ category at Gamestop also encompasses those brand new titles people bring back immediately after purchasing them. Say you grabbed the newest Assassin’s Creed and just hated it for some reason. Well, now it’s pre-owned, qualifying it for this new program! How potentially cool is that?

The icing on the cake here is that you can keep the last game you rented. Meaning that after six months of swapping out and beating titles, you can just save the best for last with something you want forever. Of course there’s downsides. Mostly for Gamestop, who will likely see a tiny bit of profit being sucked away by this venture. I suppose it makes sense if their customers are already only buying two new games a year. What do you think? Are Gamestop gonna rocket to success with this plan (assuming it’s legit) or will this be the┬átotally awesome idea that seals their doom?