For Honor Goes Full-Blown Halloween with Special In-Game Event

Become an Undead Viking, Knight, or Samurai

Ubisoft is getting into the frightful spirit of Halloween with a new in-game event in For Honor. Scary masks, ghostly features, and deadly skeletons are all guaranteed. If only players could rise from the dead… Actually, they do.

For Honor Rumor

The Endless March is a new event that has invaded For Honor. Players can look forward to a variety of new loot as well as retextured soldiers and maps. All to fit the decor associated with October. Moreover, Ubisoft is changing up the game a bit. A Halloween variation of 4v4 Domination mode has been added. Control points no longer yield as many victory points. Players will have to rely on more kills and skill to beat the opposing team. But to make it a little more challenging, the skeleton minions dish out even more damage. This, For Honor players, is Endless March mode.

Furthermore, you’ll discover mood effects, emotes, and cosmetics. What began as a war between warriors as apparently evolved into a war between demons. So kill, rise, and kill some more to obtain your favorite Halloween mask.

There will also be new outfits and weekly contests that bring unique rewards during the limited-time event. So keep an eye out for those. Season 3 of For Honor is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

SOURCE: Press Release