Final Fantasy XV Director Talks About Passing on Final Fantasy VII Remake

He Would Be Interested in Final Fantasy VII-2 Though

In a recent interview with Gamer Revolution at Tokyo Game Show 2017, Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata, was asked if he’d be interested in taking over the Final Fantasy VII Remake project if given the chance by Square Enix. The humble director felt that Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase would be the best picks at the company to do such an ambitious project justice.

Dragon Quest Final Fantasy

It’s such a special numbered game that I don’t think I can remake that one. There’s so many fans out there, if I were asked to satisfy all those fans, I don’t think that’s something I could do, 100%. If [Square Enix] asked me to make a new Final Fantasy and take it in a new direction, I’d be happy to accept that one, but if they asked me to remake Final Fantasy VII — to release as if it were a modern game, just released today — no, I don’t think that’s something I can do. I think the only people who could do that are Mr. (Yoshinori) Kitase and Mr. (Tetsuya) Nomura.

GameRevolution’s Heath Hindman applauded Tabata’s work on Crisis Core, but Tabata noted the key difference that the title was a spinoff and not the main game. In fact, he even coyly added that he would be up for handling Final Fantasy VII-2 too.

It’s interesting to hear how Square Enix feels internally about the reverence of the PlayStation JRPG. It’s clear that they know they have to be careful given the original’s iconic status.

Despite it being the series’ 30th anniversary and Final Fantasy VII‘s 20th this year, we haven’t gotten any new major news on the remake except for some development issues where the company announced they dropped CyberConnect2 and moved development in-house with Square Enix’s Naoki Hamaguchi (Mobius Final Fantasy) taking over development.

However, we still have PlayStation Experience in December for one last chance in 2017 for the remake to make another appearance.

Source: Game Revolution